About Us!

Welcome 😊

My name is Linzie and I am the founder of Chilo Chic.

Chilo Chic was born out of a passion for home fragrance & decor. My mission is to create happiness and well being through beautiful scents & chic homeware. I believe home truly is where the heart is, so why not create the most inviting living space possible!

Our wax melts & candles are all hand poured in ScotlandNo items are made in bulk. These are all made in small batches to ensure each and every item has the love, care and quality that they deserve. Each product is made from hand from start to finish, which is why sometimes colour may vary a little.

We are fully CLP compliant, and also welcome orders for custom items so if you cant see a colour or scent you like, please feel free to email info@chilochic.co.uk and I will do my best to create this for you.





Fun fact - the name Chilo (pronounced Shylo) was inspired by my little Chihuaua Mylo who is my world!